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Our Dreckselschool

For 30 years the company manufactures KRAEKU of drechselbaenke ago, apart from the general production and the sales KRAEKU of the machines. Beyond this we made it for us the goal and our task, in our particularly furnished Drechselschule, in our firm areas, you naturally also the abilities and the appropriate KNOW - HOW to

The company KRAEKU co-operates for several years closely with the local resident people's highschools (Bad Marienberg, Betzdorf, Herdorf, Rennerod and Daaden), in order to make the courses for everyone, visited with large interest, possible.

Our courses

Our courses are offered all year round and are suitable also for wheelchair users.
As competent teachers is to you Mr. Winfried Arzbach at the disposal. One trains in groups of max.
6 participants, whereby naturally its own Drechselmaschine and the necessary case of tools and
implements are to each class participant at the disposal.

Contents of our courses are:
Hacken Machines and tool customer Dreckselschule
Hacken Sharpnesses of tools
Hacken Selection and preparation of the wood
Hacken Clamping possibilities
Hacken Working on and arranging langholz
(candle stand, egg cup) querholz (plate, bowls)
Hacken Surface treatment
Hacken Shaping
Hacken Relating to crafts and artistic shapes

For suggestion we have to motivate very successful work of our class participants on the following page united arranged around your own working relating to crafts. They will be astonished what undreamt-of
creative possibilities behind the Drechseln to hide itself.
The execution of our courses takes place in co-operation with that VHS:

Bad Marienberg Telefon 02661 - 63454
Betzdorf  Telefon 02743 - 2912021
Herdorf Telefon 02744 - 922312
Rennerod Telefon 02664 - 5453
Daaden Telefon 02743 - 9290
further courses are planned, e.g. topic carpenters
With questions to dates or registration you contact the course leader under the following address:
Mr Winfried Arzbach
Nordstr. 13, 56242 Selters
Fon.: 02626 - 6020
With the search for overnight accomodations helps you gladly:
Tourist- information Bad Marienberg
Wilhelmstrasse 10 56470 Bad Marienberg
Tel.: 02661 - 7031 Fax: 02661 - 931747
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